Samantha Leavell Keeping Indie Artists At The Forefront

Samantha Leavell has proven her role as a major staple in the music and entertainment industries. She is well known and respected as Chief Brand Officer of Certified Nation Entertainment (CNE), publicist, podcaster, brand ambassador, content creator, and of course music activist.  Early on Samantha caught wind of her natural niche for writing and a good ear for music from Motown to R&B  to Hip Hop and everything in between. In high school, she wrote for the paper and attended plenty of concerts and events, which led to networking with industry executives.

In the middle of the pandemic, Samantha made a decision to turn her passions into a career. As an activist of course her first mission was to shed much-deserved shine and light on indie artists. She linked with Pengame Classic for an album review on ‘Graffiti Rapp’ and handled full PR for the project (with proven success).

With her own name now buzzing through the limelight, many other seasoned and vetted artists including legendary Kool Rock Ski and City The Great (CEO of CNE) reached out to Samantha for a full scale of services. As doors continued to open for Samantha she added content creator and brand ambassador onto her many roles and even sought out radio and started the Let’s Get Activat3d Podcast. As her roles continue to expand so do platforms for her to keep indie and signed artists, legends, and others in music and entertainment in the spotlight.

Samantha Leavell is a pillar of empowerment who has earned her tiger stripes and continues to add to her extensive resume. Be sure to connect with Samantha Leavell below.





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