Oklahoma Duo Two Feathers & Surron The 7th Drop Visuals For “In Dreams”

Oklahoma duo Two Feathers and Surron The 7th release the official video for their new single “In Dreams” featuring Medisin.  “In Dreams” is sure to pull on heartstrings regardless of age, gender, or culture. The record describes reminiscent memories a young boy has of his late father. Surron narrates the tale of his younger self retracing steps and lessons with his father, gone too soon.  The melodies from Two Feathers intertwined with Surron’s storytelling offers listeners a heightened sense of emotion. “In Dreams” is where loved ones who passed will remain. The captivating emcees provide an uncanny sound and vibe reflective of traditional Hip-Hop with a melodic spin. Stream “In Dreams” here, and watch the video below.

About Two Feathers & Surron The 7th

Two Feathers & Surron The 7th are two Tulsa, OK based emcees determined to expand the genre of hip hop into new and interesting styles and sounds, while staying true to the substance and hard hitting lyricism they are both independently known for. The duo sheds light on societal issues through sarcastic social commentary and transparent and humbling introspective works. The blend of Two Feathers harmony fueled melodic delivery combined with Surron’s infinitely flexible cadence and unique wordplay makes this duo a truly unique sound in today’s Hip-Hop landscape.

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