Nipsey Hussle’s All Money In Label Partners With Atlantic Records

Yesterday, it was announced that Nipsey Hussle signed a partnership with Atlantic Records. The multi-album deal will include his debut album Victory Lap. The partnership will also include his imprint All Money In.

(Interview Below Via – Complex)

Tell me about the Atlantic partnership.

Basically, it’s a strategic partnership to take the next steps with the Nipsey Hussle story. It’s between the company All Money In, which I’m a part owner in, and Atlantic Records for services of Nipsey Hussle. It’s not a traditional artist to a label signing, you know what I mean? It’s more of us partnering with Atlantic and utilizing their specialties and their strengths to move what we’ve been doing to the next platform in terms of recognition, fan base, access to radio, access to retail, and utilize their staff, and tapping into a specialist.

All Money In is a label best known for scarcity—for this business approach where you have limited numbers of things. And obviously, Atlantic Records is not in the business of scarcity; they’re in the business of selling stuff to whoever wants to have it. How does that meet? 
Well, I wouldn’t say that All Money In is in the business of scarcity. I would say that the Nipsey Hussle Crenshaw release was an example of All Money In creating an artificial scarcity campaign for the physical side of Crenshaw. The digital version of it was everywhere; on iTunes, on the pay sites—the same way that Atlantic will have all of our digital stuff on all the pay sites. So the distinguishing part of that campaign was the physical copy was limited, and it wasn’t distributed through traditional retail. That was more of a #Proud2Pay approach, more than an All Money In approach. It was a direct-to-consumer strategy for the hard copy, because all the digital versions of the album were released traditionally.

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