Lil Spirit 369 “Unity!” (Single)

 a bilingual Texas/Florida Artist originally born in Cuba. This artist who was labeled a “Rapper” now has made multiple genres including Metal Rock, Rap, Reggae, and many more genres. Making an abundance of fresh new music for the spiritual community, both in Spanish and English, pushing certain topics like “The Third Eye”, “Spiritual awakenings” and “The power of Christ”, all with style. This artist claims that he will change the world saying, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” and has displayed that humanity needs to unite despite their differences in color, beliefs, sexuality, and whatever the case may be, he says “we are all branches from the same tree”. “LIL SPIRIT 369” displays the importance of love towards everyone in his new song “Unity!” From his New album “Chosen One” now on all platforms.

Twitter: @itslilbeast

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