Julz “My Remedy” Single

Celebrated, successful songstress Julz releases her new compelling single “My Remedy.” This song is available now on major platforms.

Stream/purchase Julz “My Remedy” here on preferred platforms.

Emotions run high in “My Remedy” while Julz makes a personal vow to reclaim her throne. Her vocals over somber, yet smooth piano keys send hair-raising chills. Her gripping vocals declare her return from deep pain and a haunting past. Julz is risking it all and preparing to become her own remedy. She’s ready to suck out the poison and venom, ready to reopen scars and let them bleed out, and ready to emerge from the gates of hell with scorned burns.  Julz is a healing entity conjuring up the perfect remedy of strength and reinvention. Stream “My Remedy” and connect with Julz below.

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