JLC “Illuminate One” (Single)

JLC and A.A.G. Records present his latest charting single “Illuminate One.” The Texas-based artist/CEO delivers telling lyricism about decisions artists face on a daily, some that can change their lives for the better but at what cost. During the track, JLC shares his own feelings of being torn. Should he sell his soul for fame and fortune? Should he change his name? Those moments are quickly shaken off as JLC reminds himself of the self-made lane he steers down. He is not one to fall victim to intimidation or be controlled by puppet strings. His realness and originality keep him charting in music and winning in life. The striking melodies and hard bass underline JLC’s raw emotions and honesty. Stream “Illuminate One” and connect with JLC below.

Connect with JLC

IG @jlcaagrecords



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