Faith Walker “Good 4 Me (20 Ater 4) Remix” (Video)

You can’t partake in #420 festivities without pressing play on the late Faith Walker’s “Good 4 Me (20 After 4) Remix.” Presented by Taot Recordings, the single/video features Thirsty McGurk and Ikee Mula with production by Joebi-wan.  The track emits nothing but chill vibes allowing audiences to transcend into a realm of tranquility or creativity. After long hours of that hustle and grind, it’s time for Faith to let her hair down and unwind. Join her man and music crew as she lights up, gets high, and gets lifted. Faith’s smooth vocals along with McGurk’s and Mula’s wordplay flow over innovative melodies and knocking bass. Spark up, and watch the video below.




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