Sam Paul Gene Tomas’ Exclusive With Bunny Rabbit

Check out the explicit, in-depth interview Sam Paul Gene Tomas conducted on Bunny Rabbit. The interview discusses Brother Polight’s ongoing feud with Dr. EnQi along with horrific recent allegations against Poligth. Proceed with caution while reading…

Sam: Peace my name is Sam. How should I address you for this interview?

Bunny: Bunny Rabbit

Sam: Many say he is as good as or even better than Dr. Sebi, who is Dr. EnQi to you?

Bunny: Besides being a self-made millionaire from Herbs and Sea Moss, I  admire his grind as a Domestic Violence Survivor fighting to raise his children against all odds. I see him as a Role Model.

Sam: As an obvious fan and supporter, do you blame yourself for the loss of Dr.  EnQi’s YouTube Page. He did put 10 years into that page…

Bunny: Over the years he dealt with many intellectual battles and various obstacles however nothing quite prepared him for 2021. His wife served him a  weird variety of legal documents at the same time as his daughter basically told him to shut Polight down. Polight was found to have 6 splotches of semen on a minor (no convictions at the time of this interview though). Being a natural healer, he hopped right out in them YouTube streets pointing a rusty  “channel” at the predator movement and got shot up. I think he told me they hit his 3 pages with 13  strikes. The big bad tough guys online were complaining that they were in fear for their life. MWTV is a fake group, the biggest night and day from online to offline I’ve ever experienced. I mean he went from bragging about a pull up to clearly fearing Dr.  EnQi, TB went from aggressor to victim in a heartbeat, he is just to fake and  synthetic. Dr. EnQi was right he can’t stand up to his own scrutiny and he  does not have any education or credentials.

Sam: Over the years we saw EnQi & Polight go from best friends to Arch  Enemies, it’s no wonder he was the loudest voice when the charges dropped.  EnQi started an online revolution do you think TB was hired to attack Dr. EnQi?

Bunny: Think about it, TB is a low-life alcoholic, woman beater, child abuser,  robber, drunk driver, thief (and to add to that a homophobic gay man aka down low brother) respectfully so TB and Dr. EnQi aren’t even in the same universe. TB is an alleged convicted Child Abuser and Woman Abuser that was allegedly molested for many years by his father, add that to the fact that he hasn’t  been taking his meds in a long time. TB has had time for all that to mutate into HATE FOR THE BLACK MAN. TB hates any man that resembles his father, James. TB also began seeing black men in a sexual sense as well from his alleged  “experience” with his Dad. Remember this was a baby born autistic and on  the spectrum that was violated by his father, his mind is different.  He blames his mother for his mental illness and for allowing his father to get away with abusing him. Alcoholism and Domestic Violence can also be inherited as in the case of TB aka TJ, he inherited the Alcohol Abuse and  Domestic Terror from his father. His mother is a survivor and it’s rumored that she had to allegedly sell her body to make ends meet when TB abusive Father vanished.

Sam: Do you think Taharka childhood matters within the “YouTube Streets”?

Bunny: Of course, his childhood made him grow into a hateful man that has spent his entire life abusing women and children. He is doing the same thing online-only people pay him to see the abuse disguised as “the information”.  What do you think his Obese Baby Momma with Lupus thought of TB before she died? Just because you tell a crack head that gets clean you proud of them it doesn’t really mean, YOUR PROUD OF THEM. TB can’t make distinctions like that because of Asperger’s disease, call 443-563-0027 to verify. His children will never forgive him, privately.

Sam: Can you connect the dots for us?

Bunny: Simple the trauma of his childhood is what drove him to alcohol. His constant failures as a father and provider kept him there. Born in 73 TB is 4  years older than Dr. Enqi and still lives with his Mother.

Sam: That’s a lie. We need a receipt for that!

Bunny: Sam TB is really a man that drinks alcohol 6 days a week and sleeps in abandoned buildings, he is known for this is Baltimore.

Sam: I’m not sure I buy this theory of yours. This issue with his father is clear because he has been hiding his father all this time so clearly, he was abused by his father but the other men. Is he not taking his meds?

Bunny: SAM CLEARLY YOU CAN SEE HOW MUCH THESE MEN LOOK ALIKE? IN  FACT, MOST PEOPLE THINK ITS THE SAME PERSON. It’s hard for people to understand but this is how people can be friendly and menacing at the same time. We are dealing with a Manic Depressive, BiPolar,  Alcoholic, Molested Man with Asperger’s that has switched his medication out for hard Liquor.

Sam: What is TB’s motive? I am really starting to see who he really is now though. Only I don’t get why he wouldn’t just get help?

Bunny: A person only gets help when they know they are sick TB was raised in abuse like his children are raised in abuse. His boys will probably abuse others or be into deviant sexual behavior. They already have breasts and wear purses.

Sam: Do you really think Brother Polight saw all this in advance when he hires  TB to stop Dr. EnQi?

Bunny: I don’t think anyone saw all this coming. Sexuality was always and probably will always be a difficult thing for TB. TB was Sick. TB was allegedly raped and sodomized by his father and now has grown into a  man that does not take his medication for his mental illness either. TB’s early memories of sexual relationships are memories of his Dad. Memories of being penetrated by his DaD left such an impression that even his first long-term relationship was with a woman that used to wear a strap on and hit TB from the back. The woman even looked very masculine almost like his dad mixed with Ving Rhames.  Getting molested in a homophobic household by a man, let alone your father is gonna leave mental scars and self-hate. TB hates this part of himself, so he  hides it from the world, he tries via alcohol and drugs to hide it from himself  too. He hates that he can only be sexually pleased by a man now. Therefore, I think he beats women so badly and so often. It’s a hate that he  has for his mother and his own inadequacy. In his sick mind, he thinks his mother allowed his father to molest him all those years, so he has a built-up resentment for her and her kind alike.

Sam: Why hasn’t anyone else really made this issue plain for the people?

Bunny: Look what it cost, Enqi to stand up to these predators. These guys put up money to send TB, a convicted child and woman abuser to his house.  TB was making videos bragging about looking in his windows, he has videos saying the house wasn’t clean. How does he know if Enqi’s house is clean if he wasn’t looking in the windows? TB is such a menacing stalker that he drove one of his baby mommas to allegedly become a sex worker just like his father did to his mother. This was allegedly a good woman before TB’s abuse which transformed her into a woman of the night to survive. There are times when a person just begins to feel numb from all the name-calling and hitting. Children constantly crying and going unfed, seeing their father leave the house drunk in handcuffs week after week. Trapped financially abused physically, emotionally, and mentally, every person has a  breaking point.  This woman is a hero because she used her vagina to feed her family and escape TB. Janell is now fully reformed from selling her body and the hard drugs it took to numb her brain. Janell is 1 of millions that wind up murdered or missing when dealing with men like Taharka.

Sam: Well, this is starting to at least explain the constant Brother Reggie and  Brother Ankh attacks. We couldn’t understand why he was bringing them people onto the show. It’s obvious now that he was trying to destroy Enqi from day 1. What is the big deal? Why does the entire YouTube come together to set up Dr. EnQi and attack his character?

Bunny: I think it’s because he is the only one offering real solutions in a time when they want our people lost. Enqi is the only option out here for truth and a real example of what a man should look like. KT and them guys are cool, but they aren’t protectors, they would not risk anything for the community. Dr. EnQi is like the Jesus of the YT Streets or the Colin Kapernick of  Consciousness. No one in modern times loves the people the way Enqi does. Saneter and Taharka children has AIDS/Lupus, Taharka has Autism and Ankh  whole family has extreme Diabetes, so from a lifestyle standpoint you can  see the problem. Remember that Saneter was caught with a police badge and that Dr. Enqi exposed Ankh for being an agent of Big Pharma. Ankh worked at Fort Detrick on many vaccine projects and is now an undercover agent to promote the use of vaccines in the community. None of this can escape your mind when trying to figure this all out. TB has a  warped self-image mixed with heavy alcohol use. In private he has an oral fixation where he likes to suck things. Taharka was quieted down as a crying baby with his father’s penis instead of a pacifier, so as an adult he looks for that attention from a man to bring order into his chaotic life. He needs the stimulation from a man’s penis now to become erect. Sexual  Repression can cause or stress already existing mental conditions. DB EL was the perfect situation for TB in an alternate universe. TB needed a  black man that reminded him of his father that could nurture his lost childhood, replace his father figure, deal with his mental illness, suppress the alcohol abuse, and much more… Drew Ali himself would not be enough however he is a Blackman that is out of TB reach. TB became head over heels in love with DB EL and grew very obsessed with the feeling of DB EL body against his own body even though DB EL was blind. If you notice even in the pic above that DB EL is leaning into TB’s lap, this is a no-no for two “straight” males but completely acceptable for alternative lifestyles and the LGBTQ community. DB EL was allegedly charged and investigated for pedophilia by the Moorish  American community after he was busted having sexual intercourse with an underage boy in the Moorish Temple. He was also accused of multiple counts of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, just like his student hmm…

Sam: The true picture of this man is deranged and maniacal. It’s almost an indictment against the viewers how could we not see this? Do we care? We just want the fix from the edutainment, could we create a Biggie and Tupac situation where real people begin to be hurt, killed, and/or jailed behind our edutainment?

Bunny: TB has no talent, no skills, no products, no services it is honestly Dr.  EnQi that must wake up, he is the stupid one. TB has nothing to lose, I hope  Dr. Enqi learned at least that much. These people he protects don’t give a  faug about him and his kids. TB has nothing to lose, it’s truly everyone besides TB that has any skin in the game. Think about all the people that support Enqi they should be mad. Enqi don’t have any real supporters they would’ve taken care of this for him. No one is protecting Enqi and his family or their interests. God Bless them. Most of these people are mad that Enqi is defending himself because it disturbs what they get from Enqi, but none of them sent Enqi money, a Lawyer, and some “elbow grease” or nothing. He made no complaint either Enqi is a  real man but that is killing him. He clearly won’t ask for help even when he needs it, that’s where I see his ego needs trimming. Enqi is very arrogant and cocky.

Sam: Wait! Aint you a Rabbit? Aint you down with Enqi?

Bunny: Of course, till I die however to do the impossible you gotta be a lil crazy. Enqi scientifically discovered the soul and then he is the first person to put Black Consciousness in the Google Play Store & Apple Store.  Enqi is the first healer to ever go into the ocean himself to get Chondrus  Crispus, he even took his children into the cold-water currents with him to harvest Algae. He backed up his arrogance 100 times, but he still is a lot to manage. Geniuses are crazy.

Sam: You saying he’s a Genius?

Bunny: Genius is marked by the ability to recognize patterns at a high level,  I’d say anyone that talks to him or listens to him for 10 minutes knows he is a genius at a minimum.

Sam: Do you think that greatness is something that bothers Polight, it’s obvious that Polight got his swag from Enqi? That park bench interview told me everything I needed to know about Polight and York as well as Polight and his Swag. His lack of a hairline, hard cut, a hat, or even a comb says it all. Lol

Bunny: Yeah, the swag has been different, only Saneter and Enqi came to the events in furs and gators. There is a lot of women that want Enqi but think he really married.

Sam: Jealousy too?

Bunny: You slow. Jealousy mostly listens to the music. TB hates that Enqi is everything he wants to be in life but can’t be. To make matters worse TB is only qualified to be a Janitor in real life which is why he is obsessed with Dr. EnQi’s credentials because he has none. You can call him Toilet Bowl Bey, Toilet Bowl, Toilet Bey, Toilet Boy, it’s not funny but it may be why he’s obsessed with drinking TOILET BACTERIA. YES, TOILET BACTERIA IS ONE OF THE SKILLS HE MASTERED IN PRISON TO MAKE  PRISON LIQUOR BY FERMENTING FRUIT. He has successfully covered up his alcoholism to his followers by calling this concoction he makes at home Kombucha. Both are based on drinking Bacteria  & Yeast as well as having the strength of a wine cooler to hold over a true alcoholic until they can really drink. He wasn’t really a fighter in his days growing up either, look at his record he only beats up women and children. Hustlers and Gangsters knew him but did not allow him to make any money with them as a low-life alcoholic he never built any trust. He never had any love. He never had any money. He began to believe they were somehow tied together and that he could get love by getting money. This is a dangerous ideology for a mentally ill man with unresolved childhood trauma from being raped by his father so many times and then again in prison allegedly (some alleged it was not forced). TB tortured, beat, and robbed any woman that loved him. That woman that had lupus and was handicapped by severe obesity was living in fear of TB. He beat her and threatened her multiple times that his “goons” aka local gang members would attack her if they snitched on him. TB has plenty of DMV charges that were dropped because the women did not testify in fear of their life. I have a question for you Sam. I came here pro Enqi knowing you were pro TB;  how do you feel now?

Sam: I feel like Enqi still has questions to answer.

Bunny: like… which ones does he have to answer that void out TB record of stalking and abuse? Especially when Enqi is saying that he is stalking him and beyond the abuse line.

Sam: I guess it’s hard to accept the truth. I really just don’t like Enqi and I like  TB energy so my mind just ain’t accepting his jail record. It’s in the past anyway, right?

Bunny: If it is, isn’t Enqi and everyone else past in “the past”?

Sam: Good point. I guess TB can’t really stand up to his own scrutiny. He has no credentials except his experience as a janitor and inmate (where he learned to make kombucha and be a janitor). At least he’s better now tho right, with Robin?

Bunny: Huh? That relationship is the most perverse! First, he started out again obsessed with another black man that reminded him of his father. TB is attracted to Robin’s husband and Robin. TB and Robin both have similar kinky fetishes so when TB suggested she keep a Lil semen in her mouth after giving her husband head she was with it. Allegedly, TB gets aroused by kissing her after her husband Anwar cums in her mouth, he also likes to go  down on Robin after Anwar cums in or on her vagina. He is into Cuckold sex.  He is known for this with older men. Allegedly Robin felt alive with TB because he was so turned on by her after she would have sex with Anwar however now that Anwar has ditched her TB  isn’t as interested in her. Robin was stalking Dr. EnQi in Detroit with  Taharka they can both go to prison. TB is very feminine he clearly “falls out” with men live for attention. The only men he doesn’t fall out with are the brothers that don’t mind having sex with him. Through his web presence, he has been able to locate others that are on his frequency.

Sam: You going in deep on Robin, do you know her?

Bunny: Yes. Many of us do TB tried to get married many times but NO GRAND  SHIEKS will marry that couple. You can’t shack up us a Grand Sheik however you also can’t be sleeping with the next man’s wife let alone the perverted stuff he was into. TB threatened to tell the Public that the Grand Sheiks in Baltimore were selling drugs in the Temple if they did not grant him his illegal marriage.  They told him that even if they wanted to, they could not. TB lost it and started making up all kinds of stories about the Moors selling drugs in the temple it’s sad. Many people believe TB is a truth-teller, but he isn’t, he uses his platform to black people into giving him free money for services. Sam, you tell me who in modern times tries to blackmail people into granting an illegal marriage.

Sam: Good Question. I don’t know. Clearly who TB is offline is very different than the character he presents to us online. We never really believed their stories about the Moors selling drugs in the temple while he was squatting in abandoned buildings, running scams with Brother Polight. The Alleged  CargoHomes Cargominium Scam was dreamed up with the Alleged Moorish  Village to scam the people. I thought I knew him, but I never really saw any receipts on the Moorish Village stuff or the “abandoned building” he tried to pass off as “NobleTemples” for go fund me scams. Have you any info on that?

Bunny: Sam do you need any more proof than the actual building itself?

Sam: Yeah, that’s tough to look at. Is that the flags hanging out the only window in the building? That is slick that one room looks just good enough for him to live stream in and collect donations for liquor and clean t-shirts. Is this real?

Bunny: Look at how alleged co-defendant John Settles aka  Akenaton, one of Taharka moderators is in on the scam!!! Pretending to give a real-time referral lol. This is a classic con, and this is just one example. The people that follow him don’t need me to run down all the go fund me plays, I can’t believe they haven’t asked once where that money is. Actually, when they do ask, they got banned and blocked for life. SOUND FAMILIAR THE VAN SCAM??? INVESTIGATE POLIGHT MY AZZSS.

BUNNY: TB knew about DB EL being an alleged convicted pedophile in the  Moorish American community before he spent so much alone time with him.  Here is a receipt for that, TB is online reading the witness statement out loud for the world he has told multiple bald-faced lies.

Sam: Bunny you don’t think Taharka cares about his family seeing him online?

Bunny: Sam you gotta understand that he is an alcoholic bum in real life, so this fake internet personality is a tremendous improvement, so no matter how scandalous his family approves. He is ashamed that his children know that he has had sex with their grandfather allegedly and many other men. I  think that is the thing that infuriates him most about Enqi, is his willingness to shame TB with his truth. Do you know how rough it is for homeless bums that you are friends with to leave feces on the floor and you gotta clean that every day? I would make up a better life for myself in my mind’s eye too. I just think he went too far in his approach to already established men that are younger than him like  Dr. EnQi. I mean seriously if I was TB, I would do anything to be anybody other than myself too. The perfect weapon for Saneter and Polight to get off their back and point at  Dr. EnQi. Saneter and Polight are more jealous of Enqi than TB maybe, they left him dead years ago and he far surpassed them. Saneter still lives in the slum and Polight has 6 splotches of semen on a minor. Enqi built his business slow and steady. Remember when the first set of allegations that Polight raped Saneter niece came out that it was TB that defended Brother Polight and allowed him to rebuild his audience. Polight of course came back to TB for help this time and Enqi must’ve stumbled into that and interrupted them. Polight must’ve had that “debate” staged with TB to discuss his family values etc… Enqi interrupted that show if you remember Sam. Polight & TB are both in love with men that are into pedophilia, what are the chances of that being a co-incidence?

Sam: Honestly the chances are like 1 trillion to 1 so you’ve clearly made yet another point, something more must be happening with these people and these sexual deviant behaviors. DB EL & Dr. York were both practicing  “adept Egyptian Ritual work”. Which Taharka and Bro Polight were deeply into.

Bunny: How do you think TB got his paperwork from that man?

Sam: lmao

Bunny: rotfl

Sam: lol

Bunny: TB made that old blind man feel young again! TB was bragging that he and DB EL were dreaming about each other (impossible since DB EL was blind smdh). Saneter and Polight would’ve pulled it off if Enqi didn’t put his foot down. Enqi sacrificed his whole platform for the people, I hope they appreciate it and understand what he did for us. Nobody would give up ten years of work like that, even if his daughter did send him after Polight. Enqi did his thing and lost money/time however he will forever have my respect and support. I’m gonna send him at least $50 Cashapp this week from me. Saneter depends on this money for his rent, Polight needs this money for his defense Enqi was stopping all that single-handedly and the people he put on the platform were weak except SweetMa and Suave.

Sam: Are you saying like NAMBLA?

Bunny: Absolutely. YouTube is the place where the celebrities of our hearts are, Hollywood still Hollywood but we really love our YouTube personas. Enqi was just speaking from his heart on that Rabbit song he did that song before the pandemic, the only reason it became a movement is that the people were tired of being tired. Enqi is now like the Tyson Beckford of Psycho Bunny clothing line now I wonder if they pay him. Lol.  TB got all the info he needed to attack Enqi from Polight and Saneter, only why do you think TB got Enqi banned from YouTube after that Janitor video?

Sam: That Janitor video was the first time TB had been exposed fully for his true self. I can’t believe I ever doubted Dr. EnQi he is the only real one. TB ain’t got no credentials and nothing to offer the people. TB is suspect for protecting Polight, who gets accused of having sex with their 14 yr old stepdaughter in back-to-back decades?

Bunny: These are the things Enqi was pointing out that Taharka was hired to shut down. I think TB just made Enqi larger than ever and he is now upset about that. Therefore, Tasha K said the men weren’t gonna cover  Polight rape case BECAUSE THEY WERENT! Instead, they were in Miami or online hanging out with him as if business as usual was afoot nothing more.  Once Tasha K proved that Saneter was a cravkhead all hell.  Sam, you may not realize it but after we started poking around, we found out that Dr. Ali Muhammad has almost just as many domestic violence charges as  TB, in fact, most of the online personas in our “sectors” are run by ex-military,  drug addict, felon hmmm… no wonder Enqi is out there by himself. Many of these guys have sex charges and crimes against women. Do you have any charges for crimes against women or children Sam?

Sam: Nope. Not 1. OK, so the anti-health people are also the pro-predator people, that’s insane that it lines up that way. It’s almost good vs evil out here. How far does this thing go and how dedicated is Enqi really?

Bunny: Enqi just exposed a Peruvian man scamming the people exploiting their self-hate. Enqi rubbed everyone’s face in his SeaMoss success so bad that no one wanted to buy from him just to not see him win. The moment someone popped up and said Enqi the Moss God that had surprised the entire market was wrong and his Moss was wack! This Peruvian man started a small but aggressive rumor that Enqi Chondrus  Crispus was small and premature, he offered as proof his huge superior  Chondrus Crispus. The hating black men could not wait to celebrate, all online  “look how dumb Dr. EnQi is” was a backdrop at the same time to TB saying  Enqi is fake. It works. TB had built an entire Social Site dedicated to stalking a million pics of you, only digital. To the neck, nobody even researched again!  This guy from Peru is either unlearned or a good liar. Chondrus Crispus is not native to Peru however you may find Mastocarpus Stellatis or better still  Rhodymenia Corallina. There are plenty of Algae that looks like, look similar, are also very nutritious but NOT ACTUALLY CHONDRUS CRISPUS. STOP! ENQI GOT THAT ON LOCK! I think we need to show respect. You know how he rolls on his pages with the receipts.  He really is like a cashier with receipts. Enqi is really at the forefront of our movement, and he deserves our support, if he fails the movement fails.

Sam: Is this why they say Dr. Enqi disrespects the elders?

Bunny: Dr. Enqi calls them out for deviant sex and drug culture disguised as consciousness but other than that he protects their legacies even if he doesn’t protect them as fallible humans.

Sam: What do you mean deviant sex?

Bunny: Bobby Hemmet and Brother Rich have homosexual science to the chakra system allegedly you need to be penetrated in your anus to activate your chakras. It sounds crazy until you listen in to Enqi videos. These people are crazy they are celebrating “shutting down” the 40 Day Fast it’s insane.  They don’t care about the people. Saneter has a video where he argues that swallowing your own sperm doesn’t make you gay. The reason he is doing that is because he is into Sex Rituals that make him swallow semen. That is evidence of deviant sex right there.  Sam TB is mentally gone he was pretending to be Enqi dancing in circles live on air, he thinks he was exposing Enqi. Sam TB has moderators that are pretending to be Dr. Enqi look at this, they are all stalking this man online. Look at how TB mods are mimicking Dr. EnQi’s credentials. This is beyond distasteful, but it literally exposes the other side of feminine energy in men.  Everyone is familiar with these types of walls in the home or hotel room of some crazed stalker but what does that wall look like in 2021?

Sam: Social Media?

Bunny: Exactly they made an entire website dedicated to Enqi and sometimes I  feel like I AM DR. ENQI. I feel like when they attack him, they attack me so sorry. TB made a digital stalker wall dedicated to Dr. EnQi and the only thing scarier than the fact that the wall exists is the fact that other adults participated in this stalking.

Sam: Even though I have totally switched sides on TB and Enqi what you’re saying now is a little crazy even with all we have discussed. My next question is gonna be what?

Bunny: Enqi sacrificed his “Youtube” life for us and we are anointing him the new King. It’s real now, no other platform, teacher or leader would have put it all on the line for us like that. Enqi is the King. EVERYONE NEEDS TO BECOME A PAYING MEMBER OF HIS SOCIAL MEDIA SITE. Dr.  Enqi has an app that is similar to FB when it first started and Enqi app is in the  Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Enqi is not like Umar either, I know Umar was messy when he was having sex with Dr. Ali Muhammad’s wife in Philly. This community is crazy TB even began stalking anyone connected with Dr. EnQi including old teachers… The entire Throne group chipped in money so this man could literally go to  EnQi’s home and stalk Dr. EnQi, Dr. EnQi Family, and Dr. EnQi associates, they are all liable and should start distancing themselves. Think about what we have here you know the actual investigation has more than this.  These are nooks and crannies from Enqi social media and his private network  “the Prism” it’s on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store again,  respectfully. is only the books and products.

Sam: You think Enqi grew during this situation?

Bunny: Of course, that dude had tractor-trailers pulling up to his house for re-up. Enqi business is in the real world and what TB has done has only made  Enqi name bigger and the Rabbits as a Brand has gone Super Viral. It was literally a game of who killed Roger Rabbit like the movie.

Sam: What will happen to all the people?

Bunny: Eventually they must follow Enqi or fall to the wayside TB doesn’t offer anything. Enqi has literally changed the face of Vegan Culture in the past 10 years almost single-handedly. Every western school, mystery school,  technological school, etc is based on the human body, and for that he is the GOAT.

Sam: Well Bunny what would you like out of all this, especially after this long interview?

Bunny: Enqi to be protected as the King he is. We should all be on the Enqi program.

Sam: Thank You Bunny. TB, we hope your people get you the correct help before you wind up dead somewhere or in prison for a long time.

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