A while back, Offset told Paparazzi that Culture 2 would be dropping in October, ringing in our Halloween in style. However, the superstar trio may have been hit with an unexpected delay.

During a session on Instagram live, Quavo was all set to give viewers a preview of the anticipated sequel. However, he soon finds himself thrust into the musician’s worst nightmare – missing audio files.

Evidently, the hard drive on which some of Culture 2 was recorded seems to have vanished. Quavo seems perplexed, and his engineers attempt to track down the missing files to no avail. Despite the setback, Quavo seems surprisingly calm. His solution? Smoke one.

While we might have to wait a little longer to catch some of Culture 2, Quavo’s calm demeanor give hope that there are backups out there somewhere. At least…we hope so. (Via Hotnewhiphop.com)