‘Kirk Cousins Is Tht Most Overpaid QB In Pro Football History,’ Says Skip Bayless (Video)

During the offseason, the Washington Redskins made it 100% clear that they wanted nothing else to do with Kirk Cousins when they suddenly traded for Alex Smith and gave him a long-term deal.

Cousins wasn’t hurt by it, all he did was go out and get a fully guaranteed contract from the Minnesota Vikings that will pay him an NFL record $28 million per season, totaling out at $84 million over the three years.

Getting that type of money for his type of production was the topic of discussion for one Skip Bayless. On Monday’s edition of the ‘Undisputed,’ the co-host took to his show to call Cousins the biggest tease at his position over the last 4 or 5 years.

He proceeded to call him the most overpaid QB in the history of pro football and went even further to state that Case Keenum will have a better year with the Denver Broncos than Cousins will have with the Minnesota Vikings. (Via – totalprosports )

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