Jay-Marie is Holy Debut ‘Love Is No Fool Live’ (EP)

Jay-Marie is Holy, a St. Louis-based multi-instrumentalist/artist debuts a live full-length album titled ‘Love Is No Fool Live.’ The project is accompanied by a full band and offers audiences a complete musical journey filled with the respite of sound and ground-breaking lyrics.

“With all of us spending so much time alone, my hope is that this live music feels like we are together again, singing and dancing our way to a more abundant future,” Jay-Marie states. “I wanted to gift listeners a rhythm to get lost in, to let loose in rhythm and in funk on the way to building the world and relationships we deserve.” 

Purchase the Love Is No Fool Live EP on the Jay-Marie is Holy website or stream the album on preferred platforms here. Connect with Jay-Marie is Holy: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube


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