Def Jam A&R @DoughFromDaGo Presents #MineralWater #MH2o

Chicago Native, Def Jam A&R, Stack or Starve Ceo, & Respected Chicago Music Pioneer DoughFromDaGo wants to give people real music and real hip hop from the soul with his album “Mineral Water” #MH2o which will feature Chicago artist who are really bringing the heat to the pad! “I wanted to take it back to the good ole’ days…pen to paper, get artist to display their true inner MC. “There’s a difference between rap and hip hop. Hip hop has a story. It has emotion. Its supposed to speak to you”. “I remember the way Main Source’s “Looking At The Front Door” made me feel when I first heard it, that’s the feeling I want a record or two from Mineral Water to give the listener”-DoughFromDaGo

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