Cop Tried To Impress Girl At Bar With Gruesome Kobe Bryant Crash Scene Photos!

Earlier this week, the LA Sherrif’s department informed the families of the nine people who perished in the Kobe Bryant helicopter crash that a number of Sherrif’s deputies and rescue personal had photos of the gruesome crash scene on their phones and at least one had shown people that had nothing to do with the investigation.

The Sherrif’s department, who has known about this for weeks, reached out to the families because they believed news of the unauthorized photos was going to leak and they wanted the families to be prepared for media inquiries.

In one case, a Sherrif’s deputy trainee tried to impress a girl at a bar by showing her the crash photos.  A bartender who was disturbed by the display filed an online complaint with the Sheriff’s department.

There are also reports the photos were passed around the Lost Hills Sheriff’s substation, who responded to the crash, and L.A. County Fire Department. (Via –

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