Connect With 4THERECORDRADIO, Giving Shine To Indie Artists

“ We are 4THERECORDRADIO where independent artists matter the most.”

The network has radio shows that air 7 days a week, no days off. The mission is to lift spirits, emanate positive energy, and appreciate the craftsmanship of independent artists. All 10 hosts hail from different areas but come together for the same mission. Represented are Iowa, Seattle, Minneapolis, New York City, Texas, and Chicago.

Show schedule

8 pm cst/ 9 pm est/ 6 pm pst  4THERECORDRADIO, shout out the team at 929-477-2425

Pops, Chop It Up Wit Pops (Minneapolis/St. Paul)

The beautiful red and stallyion Baltimore The Females Vibes (Minneapolis/Dallas Texas)

Haiti Da Great, The Great Bars Show (Chicago)

Mn Tray Vaughn, L. Breezy, and Cody Neft with Boss Body Takova (Minnesota)

King Kush Money The Control Room (Seattle)

OG Ty Garlee, Come Bullshit With Me OG Ty Garlee (Iowa)

Flak Gaza (NYC)

Connect with hosts

@chopitupwitpops – IG
@4therecordradio – IG

daniel Sanchez Daboss

Chop it up wit pops 420
HAITI baker
The Beautiful Red
Tray Vaughn
King Kush Money
Stallyion Love Baltimore
Eric Wires
Cody Neft
Gary Pops Cardinal Sr.

@4therecordradio – TikTok
@codyneft – TikTok

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