Update: Cuban Doll Says She Pulled Up on Asian Doll, Not the Other Way Around

Update 12/04/2018: Cuban Doll took to Instagram Live to clear up rumors that Asian Doll pulled up on her on the highway, claiming that it was her that pulled up on Asian Doll. Cuban added that the girl she was with “wasn’t with the sh*ts,” which is why she said they drove away and didn’t confront Asian Doll.

To hear more of what she had to say, hit the above clip.

Original 12/03/2018:

Asian Doll posted video of her pulling up on Cuban Doll on the highway. The “Crunch Time” rapper could be seen hanging out of the passenger side window of a car to yell at Cuban Doll, who could be seen speeding away from Asian Doll’s car.

Asian Doll later posted a video, where she told viewers that she didn’t even take her chains off in case things escalated. You can check out the clips above. (Via- VladTv)

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