A 21-year-old man by the name of Raheem Howard was recently charged with firing a gun at a police officer in Baton Rouge, LA. Howard was initially charged with attempted murder and illegal use of a weapon. However, after an examination of the evidence presented, the local DA decided to drop the case citing that there was no evidence of Howard ever having a weapon.

Howard was pulled over by Baton Rouge police officer Yuseff Hamadeh who alleged that the 21-year-old shot at the cop after fleeing the traffic stop on foot before Hamadeh fired shots back.

Howard’s lawyer Ron Haley vehemently disputed Hamadeh’s account, stating:

“He didn’t have it. There was not evidence. Because he didn’t have a gun, he didn’t fire a shot. And I think the suppression of the evidence by the cameras either malfunctioning or being willfully turned off only lends to that argument.”

Additionally, The National Black Police Association stated they are going to do a thorough investigation of Hamadeh, particularly focused on his body-cam being turned off. The NBPA says they will “continue to monitor this situation closely, to ensure the fair and equitable administration of justice.” (Via – VladTv)