Police Allow K-9 Unit to Viciously Attack Handcuffed Man… SMH!!! (Video)

Police Allow K-9 Unit to Viciously Attack Handcuffed Man

A video has surfaced of a vicious attack on a handcuffed man by a police K-9 in San Diego. In the video, three San Diego police officers had a man handcuffed face-down on the ground. The man was apparently in conversation with one of the police officers when the dog came up and attacked him. The officer did not have control of the dog which led to the dog biting the handcuffed man. The officer tried to get the dog off the man but was unsuccessful. From there, you can see blood coming out of the man’s arm. Despite the dog biting the man’s hand, the officers did not speak or say one command to get the dog off of the victim. A bystander in the background can be heard saying, “You guys have three versus one and you can’t get the dog off?”

From that point, the officer who did not control the dog took the animal from the suspect while the other police searched through the wounded man’s pockets. Watch the video above. (Via – VladTv.com)


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