“My Mysterious Love” by MacFour

All across ATL headlines, R&B sensation MacFour is said to be the next Jackson Five or New Edition. After pressing play on their single “My Mysterious Love” audiences will grasp the variables. The single is taken from their forthcoming debut album ‘Mystery.’ The album is set to release on July 9th everywhere music is sold.┬áMacFour takes listeners back to the core of R&B in “My Mysterious Love” as they show off their looks, vocals and melodic harmonies, dance moves, and most prominent their unbending emotions. With KJ, KOOL, DANCER, and DUCK there are no qualms about pouring their hearts out or professing love. They have an enticing message in “My Mysterious Love” one that is sure to manifest the joining of two souls. Stream the single and catch the group performing tracks from the new album on July 9th at the Atlanta Summer Fest.


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