Jordan Clarkson Says He Plays Well So Women Can Like Him

Jordan Clarkson has been making big moves this NBA season, as the Laker point guard has been giving great performances off the bench.

Clarkson, via Tania Ganguli of the Los Angeles Times:

“To me it’s motivation,” Clarkson said of the trade rumors. “It’s a business, you’re either going to be here or you ain’t. Wherever I am I want to be productive.”

Clarkson was asked if there is someone for whom he wants to succeed.

“I mean my pops, my family, that’s always No. 1,” Clarkson said. “But second probably the girls and stuff. Females. Know what I mean? I love women.”

He chuckled mischievously as he added: “They don’t like you when you’re down.”

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